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Farming methods have largely remained unchanged for the last 20 years. The marginal yield increases from traditional farm product growth methods have not kept pace with world population growth. Demand for more food is increasing, while land mass of tillable land for food production is decreasing. This results in a demand for a method of farming and production which produces higher yields per acre to meet this need. This effect is multiplied in severity by the need to reach all these increases without using more water, (already in shortages), and chemicals which harm the planet. Accelegrow has developed a product which has the potential to meet all of these needs, and is an agricultural changing technology.

Accelegrow Technologies, Inc. (ATI) is working to help meet these growing demands while bringing profit to the bottom line. The public's growing recognition of products with both food and fuel potential has created demand on growers and producers to create higher yielding crops to which ATI has the answer. ATI was incorporated in January, 2006, to bring its unique Accelegrow brand products to market. It has been working to improve agricultural practices and production. Accelegrow has set itself apart employing a multifaceted approach to assist in increasing crop performance and quality for the agricultural industry. One of our most important goals is to work with those seeking to meet the nutritional needs of the millions around the world that go to bed hungry every night and improve their ability to have a sustainable lifestyle through farming. As ATI continues its expansion globally, we hope to better the lives of the many millions of people who will be able to benefit through the use of Accelegrow products.


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Farmer in Utah, USA
Sod grower in North Carolina, USA
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